Rise Up Ontario Rally

The summer of 2018 cannabis will bring full legalization of cannabis in Canada, a historic moment. Federal guidelines have been created for cannabis legalization, but how the law is implemented is decided by the provinces. Join us this Saturday May 5th 4pm at Queens Park South after the Global Marijuana March for the Rise Up Ontario Rally! Help make cannabis an election issue in Ontario, find out how you can take action.

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Donate Today

Cannabis Monopoly

The time is now to donate to sensible cannabis policy in Ontario! Sensible Ontario is a grassroots campaign dedicated to making cannabis retail an election issue in Ontario. Our team of volunteers has been actively engaging all political parties in our fight for independent retail. In order to prove that Ontarian's support private retail, we need your support to launch a consumer poll.   

Currently we are well on our way to meeting our goal of launching this poll, but we need your help to make it a reality.  Every dollar raised will be matched, in launching our consumer poll in 15 swing ridings across Ontario. Whether or not you can donate $5 or $500, every donation helps us meet our goal this month to launch our consumer poll and have our voices heard leading up to the Ontario election.

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Lounges Day of Action - March 1st

Sensible Ontario has gotten off to a great start, but we need your help to take action!

Time is ticking until the Attorney General's March 5th consultation on lounges is due, this is the very last week that you can have your say on proposed places of use in Ontario.  As such, we're holding a Day of Action for Lounges on March 1st. Several lounges across Ontario are taking action, find out what you can do locally to have your say by March 5th!

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Sensible Ontario Campaign Launch

Sensible Ontario launch!

The Ontario Cannabis Act (Bill 174) has been passed, but it's not too late to have your say on the provincial government's cannabis monopoly.  While the LCBO has been tasked with rolling out the provincial government's retail cannabis monopoly, there is a provincial election on the horizon, with municipal elections this fall across Ontario.  Now is the time to take action, find out how you can get involved in Sensible Ontario!

With the Supreme Court currently ruling on alcohol monopolies, it could be that the Ontario Liberals plan could be dead on election day with new interprovincial trade regulations due by July 1st 2018. Also, the Attorney General of Ontario has tasked the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to draft regulations for consumption spaces. While the current Cannabis Act forbids cannabis consumers from using outside of their homes, the City of Toronto has also tasked the Chief Medical Officer of Health to review vapor lounges.

Everything is about to change, but we need your help to make it a reality. Sensible Ontario is a new campaign which aims to legalize both dispensaries and lounges in our province. Building on the momentum of Sensible BC we will be launching a grassroots campaign leading up to the Provincial and Municipal elections.

As we move into action, here are the top 3 things you can do right now to support our campaign goals:

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