The intended goal of OCCRA is to advocate for: 1. private cannabis retail, and 2. consumption spaces in Ontario.


Through consumer stakeholder engagement OCCRA aims to work across political parties to foster sensible cannabis policy in Ontario.


Tyler James

Tyler James

Tyler brings years of cultivated relationships and extensive market research to OCCRA. He champions patient needs and interests, integrity, communication, transparency, and professionalism to form strong relations between the frontline and the cannabis industry. Tyler studied political science and legal foundation at the University of Wales, bringing to Eden his passion for social reform and justice. His input allows OCCRA to adapt to the changing cannabis sector in Canada. Tyler’s professional background is within the boutique investment banking environment. Where he facilitates venture debt and M&A deals with Firepower Capital, Osprey Capital Partners, and Yorkdale Partners. Tyler has also closely consulted in international food import/export for Pinnacle Trading based in the Caribbean.

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell is the Cannabis Portfolio Specialist at Lifford Wine and Spirits, and one of the founders of Women Grow Toronto. As a Director of the Ontario Cannabis Consumer & Retail Alliance, Lisa is leading the fight for lounges and private retail. Lisa has worked extensively in drug policy over the years, inspired in part by her own family’s struggle against alcohol prohibition. As the former Outreach Director for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Lisa has a strong background in public affairs, and holds a Masters of Environmental Studies from York University.

Imre Kovacs

Imre Kovacs

Imre Kovacs brings entrepreneurial drive, intellectual curiosity and decades of hands-on business experience to all aspects of the cannabis industry. Through design innovation, technological improvements and tireless advocacy, Kovacs is advancing sustainable cannabis production methodologies, as well as public opinion surrounding the use of cannabis products. Together with his business partners Kovacs designed, built and operated Canada’s first legitimate retail medical cannabis dispensary, which became the model for other industry retailers.

In 2013, the group established The Herbal Health Centre Dispensary. In two years, the sophisticated, service-oriented business has grown to more than 2500 members. Kovacs is also applying his passion for sustainable business development as a founding member of Quintet, a strategic alliance of business professionals with a focus on sustainable growth, and The Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada, a not-for-profit organization supporting the development of a safe and ethical and inclusive cannabis industry.

Abi Roach

Abi Roach

Abi Roach is the owner of HotBox lounge + shop, HotBox Honegrown , and Hotbox Jamaica Bud & Breakfast, publisher of Spliff Magazine and a director at the CFBA (Cannabis Friendly Business Association). She has been in the Cannabis lifestyle & tourism industry for near to 20 years. Abi has dedicated her life to the freedom of cannabis consumers and the normalization and now legalization of cannabis.


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Rise Up Ontario Rally

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